The best excuse you need to drink wine.

American Spirit’s wine club focuses on continuous education into the history, science and art of wine for the novice to wine advocate. Enophiles offers personalized customer accounts and feature tastings and events.

We work hard sourcing good wine from good people all over the globe, produced in a variety of styles, flavor profiles, and price points.

Our team curates a collection of over 850 wines and meticulously taste each wine before it ends up on the shelf so we can help you select the perfect bottle for any occasion. 

We also host regular wine tastings at the back bar and ticketed VIP events as well as casual, relaxed wine classes. We take pride in educating our customers to help you learn more about the wines you enjoy and make the experience of exploring wine fun, easy and pleasurable. 

Ask about creating a customer account so we can keep track of the wines you drink and make recommendations.

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